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Social Media Walls 


Drive engagement, leverage sponsorship, and interact in real time.



First introduced by MeetingPlay in 2015, our social media walls have become a huge hit. These 100 feet event walls drive engagement, increase revenue, and truly make your event stand out.


Our social media event walls allow events to highlight both twitter and Instagram across their event wall. Events can also utilize an event hashtag and display the hashtag across their social media wall.


All walls can be customized to match the branding and look of your event.  Additionally, all MeetingPlay’s social media walls can include custom and specific information – i.e. employee displaying, sponsorship messages, award winners and more.


Our social media walls and conversations boards for events allow you to maximize sponsorship opportunities.  Your social media wall can include sponsorship popups, banner ads, or messaging to highlight your event and social media wall sponsors.

No Mobile Phone Needed

Attendees at your next event or conference can utilize their event badges to interact with our social media walls. By scanning their name badge, attendees can have their professional/attendee information displayed – encouraging networking, displaying their company brand or affiliation and creating a feeling of community among a group of unique faces.

MeetingPlay's social media event walls are truly the industry's most unique, technologically advanced, and most engaging with opportunities to expand across social engagement, networking, sponsorship, gamification, recognition and more!

Integrate a social media wall at your next event!


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