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Preconference Registration System - Event Registration

Our registration allows you to gather all of your attendees information and even process payments. Add your event logo and theme so the registration is unique to your meeting or conference. With our easy to navigate system, the user can quickly proceed through the site to provide all of the information you are looking for. Our registration sites can be basic or as intricate as needed with different meeting tracks, pricing and coupons.


A registration system so simple to use, you'll enjoy building your next event

event app registration

Custom to You

Our registration is custom tailored with your event designs. With the ability to build registration from the ground up, you can decide exactly what goes into it making it a completely custom built registration system.

Easy Setup and Ready to Go!

Our mission is to make your registration process a flawless, easy to build experience. Gathering attendees information and processing payments is made simple.

Registration Website

Have your attendees register within a website that will make your company look AMAZING!

event registration software

If you are looking for a registration site that incorporates your branding, color platform and other aspects of your event, then MeetingPlay's registration system is one of the best in terms of look and feel.

While it may seem obvious, many event registration sites simply look terrible! Display your meeting in the best light possible using our standard templates and themes to really speak to your attendees. Everything can be managed by you on the backend so you can get it exactly right. Need something extra for your design? We also offer design services to help implement exactly what you need.

Administrative Website

The Back End Adminstrative Tools to make your event a success

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Our backend system is intuitive and was designed with your time in mind. When we created this tool, we realized that many event planners were wasting countless hours trying to navigate through other systems and find crazy ways to put in their information. Features of our admin include:

Create Global Company Settings
Add, Edit, Manage Users for Company
Manage User Permissions and Access
Create a Unique Event URL
Integration with Salesforce
Additional API Integration
Multiple Credit Card Payment Types
Unique Registration Site Layout Options
Custom Registration Theme Tools
Configure and Send Emails
Easy Search via Tag System
Robust Asset Library
Easy to Use Event Management
Testing Features Before Launch
And Much More!

Flexibility in Events

At Meeting Play we understand every event is different.

As every company and organization is different, so is every event. MeetingPlay's registration system is all about flexibility. We have everything from multiple attendee types to the ability to set pricing based on certain dates to adding a session just once with the ability to add it to a schedule multiple times. Custom questions, dependencies, session fees, waitlist options, maximum number of attendees and allowing only certain attendee paths to be able to sign up for sessions are just a few of the features that are offered. With our full range of features you can customize your event exactly as you wish.

Check out a list of our range of features here:

  • Create multiple attendee types, each with different paths and different registration fees
  • Send selected attendee types to specific urls for registration, if desired
  • Unlimited attendee types
  • Import and manage attendees
  • Classify attendees and events by tags
  • Guest registration
  • Set maximum number of attendees for event or for sessions
  • Custom fields and relationship dependencies
  • Required versus optional fields
  • Fees for certain sessions
  • Waitlist options
  • Registration fees differ by date & attendee type
  • Cancellations and refunds, if applicable, with date restrictions
  • Substitutions via the system
  • Attendee self-modification of personal schedule
  • Coupons/discount codes
  • Multiple payment types - invoice, credit card, etc
  • Pay in partial
  • Group Registrations (coming soon)
  • Create emails and triggers to automatically send to the attendees
  • Advertise via social media with share and log in with LinkedIn or Facebook
  • Activate or inactivate event

On-Site Management

Keep your event organized throughout the entire process

MeetingPlay's multi-faceted registration tool can be used for your on-site management. You have the ability to designate staff members who will only have access to certain aspects of the site keeping confidentiality and important financial details off limits. Onsite, you can print name badges, manage your attendee list and have attendees sign in. Also enabled is the ability to collect and process credit cards.

Website Content and Navigation

Create a registration website custom to your exact needs

You Control the Content

Save time and money by using Meeting Play's registration site builder to build out the website for your event. You can create all of your content pages in the backend system with the ability to activate certain pages as well as have them publish or expire on certain dates.

Custom Pages and Graphics

Meeting planners can customize each page with content and graphics. Just like with our other sections, you do not need to know any html, you can use the full editor to control the size, format and other aspects of the content. Plus, you can set the navigation of your site all within the tool!

Attendee Types

Create a custom experience for each attendee type

Multiple paths are easily set up in the system simply by adding different types of attendees. The overall event pricing can be specific to the type of attendee and managed directly through the attendee type settings. Meeting planners can easily associate date-based fees to each attendee type.

Form Fields and Dependencies

Advanced registration forms made easy

Quickly Build Your Registration Forms

A multitude of standard fields enables you to quickly choose the most common types of information that need to be placed on your registration. Event planners can also add an unlimited number of custom fields so that just the right terminology can be used to cater to the attendees of the meeting. Field dependencies are also available to be added. The flexibility of this dependency option allows you to choose the parent/child relationship to make your registration more seamless for attendees.

Set a Specific Field Order Without the Hassle

All of your questions can then be easily and quickly ordered in sections that will be displayed to the registrant. Each registration path can have its own set of questions so that their paths are tailored to gather only the pertinent information for that attendee type.

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Enjoy a feature rich session builder

Create an unlimited number of sessions with the ability to associate multiple photos and different assets as well as speakers. Event organizers can also add an overview and different descriptors to assist with SEO. Our full editor gives you complete control to customize the content. The beauty of this is that there is no need to know html!


Schedule your sessions once, twice, or as many times as you need

With MeetingPlay's agenda feature you only need to add a session one time to be able to have it on your agenda multiple times! This is a huge time saver, particularly when there is a lot of information related to a session - imagine only having to enter that once - ah, the good life!

Adding in details for a session is as simple or complex as you need it to be. It can be as simple as adding the date, start and end time or going as far as adding in multiple fees, capacities and restrictions to the sessions. Meeting planners can include an item for attendees or make them select it so it gets added to their agenda. The option to add in different fees for different dates also exists along with session capacities and waitlists.

Coupon Codes / Discounts

Create the perfect discount

MeetingPlay's registration system gives you the ability to add an unlimited number of coupon codes with the flexibility to have them set as a flat fee, discount amount, a percentage discount or free! It is simple to also add a start and end date, if you so choose, as well as limit the number of times the code can be used. Further, you can limit which types of attendees can use the code. There are a variety of parameters so you can customize the codes to behave exactly as you wish.

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Email Management

Advanced registration forms made easy

Every Type of Email You Will Need

Meeting Play's registration system allows you to manage all of your emails directly and easily from the email management console. Invitation emails can be completely customized, sent as test or as the real deal. You can choose who receives them - all the way from an individual to a specific registration type. Other communication emails can also be customized and sent from the admin. Thinking of adding a session or a new speaker - alert your attendees with a new communication.

Sending Made Simple

Our sending tool makes sending out an email a few click process. You are able to control what you send and to whom and have a record of the emails that have gone out. So, first you configure and craft and then you send - it's that simple!

Automated Emails

Emails sent by the system, like confirmation emails and cancellation emails are also completely customizable in just a few quick steps. Make sure your attendees know everything is coming from you and reflects the look and feel of your event even though it is from our system.

3rd Party Integration

Establishing the connections you need

Contact us to learn more about the ability to integrate with 3rd party APIs. We also specialize in custom development so we are able to work with many different systems.

Interested? Contact Us To Learn More

Attendee Management

Keep your attendees and clients happy

What's more frustrating than dealing with attendees that call with things they can't do - the inability for you to easily help them out! Our administrative tool to manage your attendees and the details of their registration, payments, cancellations and refunds is flawless. As soon as someone calls or emails, you can help them in seconds because the process is so simple. This makes for many happy clients across the board!

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Management Platform

All of the tools you need to make your event happen

Easy Integration


Want to take things to the next level? MeetingPlay will work with you down to the last detail, providing color schemes, integrated logos and brand designs to match your company. Impress sponsors and attendees alike with a sleek, uniform, and purposeful look.

Easy Integration

MeetingPlay will do the work on the back end to provide an easily accessible and simple user interface. Take out the stress of organization by providing users with schedules, coupons, documents, and social media all specific to you and all available with the touch of a few buttons.

Make the experience personalized by offering specific experiences to certain guests, providing everyone with their own unique experience, which is sure to make everyone feel important.


Easily navigate and edit the attendee list to ensure only the people you want are included. We pride ourselves on making the experience fun and efficient, but also safe for you and your attendees.

On top of security, our attendee list makes it easy for you to look up anyone's information at any time, strategically group attendees, and communicate with one or all of the attendees quickly.


MeetingPlay knows that part of any great event is getting people in the door. This starts with creating a buzz about your event and targeting those you want to come. Everyone should be talking about your event and we help make that happen.

MeetingPlay's experts will help you get the word out by creating an inviting and user-friendly registration site to get potential attendees excited about the conference. Providing a uniform strategy and appearance makes for a smooth transition from signing up to walking in the door. The MeetingPlay experience starts long before your event and your attendees are sure to notice!

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