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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions our clients ask us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Event Apps & MeetingPlay

1. What is event engagement?

Event engagement is what brings value and connectivity to your event, from and for your attendees. It begins prior to your event, and doesn’t end at your event, but post event. MeetingPlay’s mobile event app helps drive this continuous full cycle level of event engagement. Learn more here.

2. What is event gamification?

Event gamification are the points, trophies, awards, or any takeaway you receive from completing a task. (And often times, it's just a form of network engagement, where the takeaway is meeting others who you may have not otherwise met.)

3. What features does MeetingPlay offer?

From pre-event engagement, during event engagement, and post event engagement, MeetingPlay's mobile event appplatform helps drive, build and leverage your event or conferences attendee engagement. Whether you’re in need of a live audience polling tool with our audience response system, pre-and on site event registration, powerful analytics to help track and gauge the success of your events – or one of the dozens of features MeetingPlay offers. Learn more here.  

In addition to MeetingPlay's event app and pre-conference registration solutions - MeetingPlay also offers 'GameDay' (onsite event execution resources, technology and dedicated staff) and 'AppAtlas' - indoor wayfinding and indoor navigation.

4. When can I start building my mobile event app with MeetingPlay?

Today! Just click here and we'll have you on the path to event engagement with your own branded, custom mobile event app, today!

5. Do you have any case studies or examples from past clients who have used MeetingPlay's mobile event app?

We sure do! We have fortune 500 clients in over 30 countries - as well as small businesses right down the street. Learn why so many event professionals choose MeetingPlay for their mobile event app! Learn more here.

6. How is MeetingPlay's mobile event app platform different from other event app providers?

At MeetingPlay, we pride ourselves on several key points of differentiation when it comes to our mobile event apps.

MeetingPlay provides a custom and dedicated approach to each of our clients. From the point of decision making and using MeetingPlay, our clients are giving their appointed account manager to work with. You won’t be passed from person to person and you will never feel lost or that we’re out of touch. From design to onsite help to post event reporting – our dedicated account managers work hand in hand with the clients, ensuring successful and happy event professionals!

Our years of industry experience. You can read more about how MeetingPlay began their story here, but the reality is – we are not just a bunch of tech nerds (though we are that too). Our founder worked directly in the hospitality and events industry for over 15 years. We have certified meeting planners, travel directors, account managers, marketers, technology gurus and more, all on staff, which helps us relate to the goals, needs and desires of event professionals on a very deep level.

7. Is MeetingPlay Currently Hiring?

MeetingPlay is always seeking talented individuals who are passionate about working hard to revolutionize the event technology world. You can learn more about what positions we currently have open, as well as how to get in touch, by visiting our careers page here.

8. How can I get in touch with MeetingPlay?

You can reach MeetingPlay by sending us an email at [email protected] or give us a phone call at 1.877.446.148.

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