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Focus on Attendee Engagement

As a leading  event technology provider, we craft our mobile event apps to bring the meaning of engagement to life for attendees, event planners and event hosts!  



This powerful feature makes even the largest conferences and events nimble and responsive to the audience. Like almost everything on MeetingPlay's powerful conference app platform, you can adapt this feature to your event and put it to work in real time! Here are some examples of how you might want to use this feature to increase engagement:

  • Real Time Polling
  • Interactive Questions
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys

By embracing gamification for conferences it creates a Win-Win scenario. 

For event planners, it gives them peace of mind that all their hard work preparing for the best conference will be seen and engaged in by the attendees.

For attendees, gamification provides a value exchange for them.  Besides the points earned, climbing leader boards and even winning prizes, attendees are provided value just by participating. 

Attendees can participate in the game by networking with people they might not have met otherwise or taking a quiz they would never have thought to take. 

Maybe it’s attending extra sessions or downloading assets to further their learning experience.  


Audience response systems are a perfect way to engage the audience with a speaker. 

Live polling allows the speakers to ask questions to the audience and then see immediate results to show the crowds responses. 

ARS also allows for the audience to ask the speaker questions through our mobile app, which will pop up live directly to the speaker.  It’s great way to get questions from any size group without having to run around with microphones and looking for hands popping up. 

It’s also a perfect way to let your audience know when they can use their phones and when they need to be off. 

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