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Post Conference Summaries and Analytics for Mobile Event Apps

MeetingPlay's post conference data provides concise and easy to understand feedback while building a strong platform to push off into your next event, all from the ease of your mobile event app.


An in depth analysis of your event so you can make the next one even better

In Depth Analytics

See overall user interaction. Easily understand how many users were interacting through confirmed profiles, files downloaded, photos shared, top pages, and many more unique indicators of app effectiveness. Best of all, everything updates in real time giving you the most up to date information to gain valuable insight.

Keeping Attendee Interest

See what worked by viewing the most popular features and seeing the average user retention time. Make changes and adapt by giving your attendee population more of what they want.


Maximize the ROI of your conference or event with in depth analytics

See who was using the app and how they were using it. What was most beneficial? What did users like the most? User interaction and patterns are presented in easy to read graphs, showing highlights, and letting you see how the app impacted your event. See breakdowns by day to go as in-depth as you would like. The numbers merely give confidence and quantitative substance to the services we provide.


Look back onto the great moments you shared at the conference

Look back at the highlights from the conference, broadcast contest winners, and use media from this event to promote those in the future. On top of your own viewing pleasure, attendees will be able to relive the experience and share the moments with friends and family back home. These unique galleries are a great way to show sponsors how they were highlighted and what a great choice they made by supporting your event.


Gather your missed assets

Missed out on downloading a presentation during the event? No worries, with post conference you have another opportunity to download any of the available assets.

Easily manage downloadable assets, presentations, coupons, and files. The expertise Meeting Play offers makes a usually complex process painless. We provide easy integration and follow through with every download, making the user experience exactly what you want it to be.


Build upon conference connections

Make networking easy with post-conference contact cards. This feature cuts out the searching and missed opportunities by allowing your attendees to connect with each other easily. Each attendee can select and save contact information from other attendees they connected with.

Feedback Surveys

Keep Improving

We know you had a great event. However, no event can be perfect. Allow a place to hear feedback, the good and the bad will help give you insight for how to improve your next event to bring an even bigger WOW to your attendees!

Continue the in App Experience

Reflect upon the conference

The event may be over, but you continue to have access to the app and all it has to offer. You will no doubt be busy and the best time to explore how exactly your attendees used the app can be to explore it from their perspective!

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