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Be on the forefront of Event Technology with Your Event App!

From the moment, your attendees walk through the door - whether it's utilizing iBeacon technology or RFID - your attendees will be wowed with the custom, personalized and unique experience they have through the usage of MeetingPlay's forefront industry technology.

iBeacon is a 'Bluetooth Low Energy' technology that works when a device comes into the range of a beacon's transmission.  Onsite, the first step is to place the beacons strategically around your event.  Once in range, the beacons will notify the attendee’s device and can display a notification or request various actions.  Imagine an attendee walks into the main lobby at the beginning of the event.  iBeacon technology notifies event attendees and guests it will with a welcoming message, encouraging them to visit registration, where they can pick up their badge; all while providing an interactive map experience showing attendees how to get there. 

From automated registration check in processes, to personalized agenda viewing, CE credit tracking, dining and more - RFID technology allows for quicker processing, unique engagement, a happy event staff and more!

RFID technology can be used in booths, registration, dining, networking, and gamification.


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