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Drive Social Activity and Networking Among Attendees with Mobile Event Apps!

From conversation walls, to social integration and more - MeetingPlay's fully custom app for your event is focused on ways to drive engagement!
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With all your hard work creating your event, why not let everyone show it off! Attendees love taking pictures and sharing them with each other. Our photo gallery makes it easy for users to know about the go to sunset spot, the must see speaker, and the meal you can't go without. Users can shoot and share their own photos as well as like photos in the gallery, all from their personal device.

Want to kick it up a notch? Make it a contest! Everyone loves a little friendly competition and whether it be for most creative branding shot, best team photo, or a scavenger hunt, a photo competition is a great way to keep users active all week long.


Meeting Play wants you to connect with your attendees, but also wants them to easily communicate with each other. User-to-user messaging allows attendees to send each other messages, add other users to contact lists, and select favorite profiles.

Feeling socially connected at events is becoming more important all the time. People like sharing their thoughts and photos! Meeting play allows your users to link their social media accounts to post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn directly from the app. Now people who aren't even at the event can see how great it is!

Our social integration creates buzz about your event. Free word-of-mouth marketing is always good for your next event. Get people outside your event excited about what is going on by connecting the outside world directly to your attendees sharing abilities!


Fully customizable profiles allow users to upload a profile photo, link their social media accounts, display credentials, and show off badges they earn during the event. This great feature makes managing connections easy and clear.


Tap into the full potential Meeting Play has to offer with QR scanning. This fun engaging feature allows attendees to scan other's QR code located on their badge to connect. Once scanned they will be able to view their profile, take notes about the individual, add contact information to their phone and start user to user messaging.


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