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Mobile Event Apps & Voting Systems

Whether the goal of voting at your event is to further engage attendees with live audience participation, or if you to calculate votes based on restricted groupings within your mobile event app after a session – voting within event apps is an essential component of leveraging attendee engagement.

Leveraging Pre-Event Engagement During the Event & Beyond

As MeetingPlay CEO Joe Schwinger oft says: “to be a good leader, you lead by influence.”

Event engagement doesn’t have to be hard – but it is something that has to be well planned and executed even before the event begins. Yes, event engagement begins prior to the day of your event.

What is Event Engagement?

What is event engagement? Event engagement is what drives your event. It is what motivates and encourages attendees before the event, it is what attendees interested throughout your event, and it is what delights attendees after your event. 

(Visit our page here if you want to further understand what is event engagement).

Spearheading Event Engagement Through Event Gamification

When it comes to the world of events, there seems to be a million different approaches, “best practices” and solutions for how to engage and network your audience. No one in the industry is short of answers to define what event engagement is and even further how to ensure your event is truly engaging.

At MeetingPlay, we liken ourselves to pudding lovers – our proof always being in the pudding. (A bit lame? Yeah, we know. But it’s true.)

One of the many ways that we at MeetingPlay help our event planners facilitate event engagement, is through event gamification.

Next Gen in RFID

MeetingPlay recently brought an innovative custom experience for their attendees.  During an event held in earlier this March, MeetingPlay integrated RFID technology with a efficient and exciting process for check-in and throughout the entire event.  

iBeacons, Marriott & MeetingPlay

Marriott recently held its Digital Summit in New York pulling together Senior Leadership, eCommerce& Digital Senior Leaders, Global eCommerce managers, and Marriott’s partners together to evaluate trends, assess future strategies, and network.

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