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Audience Response Systems - Live Polling for Events & Conferences

Audience response systems (ARS), with MeetingPlay's custom event apps and conference apps help drive engagement, provide real time awareness and increase both ROI and sponsorship opportunities.


Audience Response System Apps for Events & Conferences

What is an Audience Response System?

Audience response system (ARS) – commonly referred to in the event world as “live polling” (but also known as real time response, the worm, and dial testing) – is an interactive integration for presenters to increase event engagement by incorporating technology. Whether integrating with the event or conference speakers power point presentation or through a mobile event app device such as MeetingPlay’s – in real time, event speakers and conference presenters can ask their audience questions and then receive in real time and active display – the results for the entire audience to see.

This real time, live event engagement opportunity allows presenters to directly connect and interact with their audience, as well as providing event attendees a voice despite being among a crowd. By integrating this live, real time audience response system – event professionals, event planners, speakers, exhibitors and more can know immediately the satisfaction of event attendees, awareness of audience engagement and interaction, and potential problem solving alerts should engagement and interaction be poor.

How Audience Response System Apps Work

How does the MeetingPlay mobile event help drive event engagement through our industry leading audience response system? 

The MeetingPlay live polling/audience response system can be integrated with the mobile event app platform MeetingPlay offers. Whether you choose to have your live polling, audience response system directly built into your events mobile app or you want to integrate results and feedback through texting, or it’s very own mobile app – we can help!

More about MeetingPlay’s Audience Response System

The way event and conference attendees and audiences engage at events, has changed drastically with the uprising of technology. Whether it’s desiring a deeper way to have voices and opinions heard as an event, conference, seminar, or meeting attendee – or a more driven and (time friendly) way to interact with event attendees as a conference speaker or presenter.

Engagement Problems, Solved!

There’s no longer a worry or problem of receiving little to no feedback from event attendees. There’s no need for event professionals and conference speakers to wait until after the event or seminar to learn the problems, questions, concerns or voices of event attendees. In real time, problems can be solved, engagement can be driven (without the need for timely microphone transitions among large conference centers), hand or head counting, or Q&A sessions. Real time polling through MeetingPlay’s audience response system helps build instant awareness, drive live event engagement, and provides a way to increase revenue through sponsorships.

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